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It took me a bit to get Google Maps to display in the Events and Marketplace apps. Now I'm unable to get it to work in the Pages App, and Check-in in Feeds. Nothing happens when a location is entered in the Location field. A pin can be placed on the map and it appears to work correctly, but not by simply typing in a location.

I've followed the phpFox Google API set up documentation (that's how I fixed the problem in Events and Marketplace). I have all of the recommended APIs enabled.


Dear Kirk,

Did you set up SSL for your site?  I would like to suggest you configure SSL cert for your site because there are some PHPFox functions not work smoothly in insecure origins (such as check-in function, mobile app...). 

Please refer




Hi Hannah,

Thank you for the reply! Yes, my site is entirely SSL configured. I think I may have been impatient and not allowing Google enought time to update my APIs... I tested this morning and everything is working fine now.

Sorry about the unnecessary thread.