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After the upgrade I happened to look at my database tables and noticed the following added tables.  Should I be concern as they are all empty?








Jonathan Mitchell

I just upgraded to 4.7.8 and I dont see those tables on mine..maybe you have a 3rd party app that created those?


Dear JohnJr,

These tables will be created automatically when you create new group of custom fields in the backend. Please prefer

This table will be empty if you have not added any custom field to this table



Last update on October 14, 6:35 am by Hannah.

Ok, that makes sense although I didn't make any user groups through this link.  Is this add the same as the add under Manage User Groups - Create User Group?


If so, then I added four groups under the Create User Groups so why only two tables were created?


Dear JohnJr,

These tables will be created if you create a Custom User Group for a specific User group only. Or else, data will be stored in phpfox_custom_group and phpfox_custom_field tables.

pls refer ;