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Dear friends. If anyone knows, describe the steps for setting up a server on debian for Instant Messaging. The documentation cannot be understood, since it is not intended for the debian platform. I turned to phpfox developers, but they refused to help me for free.


I tried to configure Instant Messaging using Google Firebase strictly according to the instructions (I did not use the Algolia service) - but all failed, window chat is constantly loading ... screenshots below. What else is missing app Instant Messaging to make it work?

One thing is not clear - the Instant Messaging application comes in a phpfox box, and the phpfox team wants to set up $ 90 for setting up this application, and then they don’t understand why old clients are switching to other social engines or leaving phpfox for good...


Understood installing IM with Google Firebase. On a web browser Instant messaging app works well. When you add Google Firebase data for the Instant Messaging mobile app, it refuses to work. After correspondence with the FOX developers, it turned out that it should be so for the PRO + license.

You can get the Instant Messaging app to work in the mobile version only after setting up NodeJS. I installed nodejs and redis-server on my server - but there is no documentation on setting up the Instant Messaging app for the Debian distribution on the developers site. FOX refuses to help for free, they even refused to supplement the documentation on setting up the Instant Messaging app for other distributions.
In short, they drove me to a standstill ...

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