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Why don't we have option to use OpenStreetMap instead of Google Map?  What are the cons and Pros of switching to OpenStreetMap?


It would be great  if in the new version of phpfox we have the choice between openstreetmap and google, a dream :)
Since google asks for a credit card to use these services, several plugin (wordpress) or other script (codecanyon)  already integrate openstreetmap.
Pro  or cons ?  the two are doing the same thing, it's just the philosophy that is changing behind.
Thank you for opening the subjec vava, there are still a few days I was doing a search here with openstreetmap and I was surprised to see nothing.
I did not open a topic because I think that google facilitates so much dev life with integration tools etc .. it's hard to convince a dev to change your point of view on this subject.
So I'm really curious to see more about this topic ..

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Thank you for your suggestion. I will transfer this request to our development team. It will be taken into consideration seriously in our future upgrades.





@hannah  Thank you.

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Thank you Hannah

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