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Can someone help me with a google map issue?

I have map location activated in events and marketplace and the check-in feature in feed.

When I write the location for events or marketplace then the field is starting to autopopulate with the google places.

But if I try to do this in the check-in section on search bar nothing happens. On the desktop It only shows places on search bar that are in my near but on mobile the check-in mark apears in the middle of ocean and i can't move it from there nore write a new location on the search bar.

Does anyone have an idea what can I change to have the search bar to autopopulate with location while you start typing the location (inside the check-in feature on the status update)?


Dear Liviu,

I guest that you turn off Turn on Location Services on your phone.  Please turn it on and you will receive a message to grant permission to access current location when you access your site

Let me know if you still have any concerns.




Hi Hannah

Thanks for your reply.

Having Location Service turned off does that "issue" with the location being in  the middle of ocean.

But I can't explain this to every site member:D 

What I mean is for events or market place I can setup any loaction I wish as on facebook, see screenshot

Once you insert a letter it starts automaticly to populate cities.

But I wish for check-in on timeline to have the same option not just to choose the location provided by the ISP.

Now if I wish to select Berlin for example on check-in ...I can't do it as the site gives me only option for location around the place I am now.

I hope I made it more clear

Thank you




Dear Liviu,

I will add your suggestion to our suggestion list. It will be taken into consideration seriously in our future upgrades.




Thank you Thank you Thank you