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While asking someone to join the group, we usually provide a link to the group, there is NO join button when the user is not logged in, when they click on Login/Registration button, it doesn't redirect them back to original page (In this case group) they came from. 

How do I make sure that the user goes back to the page he tried to Login/Register from? 

All these are basic features and should be a part of the core product, if not, they should be implemented at the earliest, waiting for 6 to 12 months for such minor issues will only bring competitors ahead of the game. 

Please let me know a solution, on how can I get this done through a developer.


Dear srny,

Thank you for your feedback. We are implementing this improvement and it will be released on the next version of the Group app in the very near future.

At that time, we have a [Join] button on group detail page for guests also.

Please wait for the update from us.




Hi Hannah, 

Thank you very much for implementing it in next verion itself. 

Even the join button on group detail page, prompts them to login or register BUT there is login with Facebook in that pop-up, then after login wth facebook they are taken to home page. 

Just to be clear, this is how it should work:

1) Guest visits the group page and clicks on JOIN button assuming it is made visible in near future. 

2) On click, it will bring up a pop-up where user can login or register normally or WITH FACEBOOK if enabled. 

3) Once he registeres or logins wiith facebook, he should automatically Join the group (As he had clicked on join button earlier) then he should be redirected to the group. 

Hope that helps. 


3) Once he registeres or logins wiith facebook, he should automatically Join the group (As he had clicked on join button earlier) then he should be redirected to the group. 


This is a group not a page, so automatic join should be determined by permission or approval/invite.

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Thanks for your response John.. so is there a way I can copy group invite link and send it to others, so that when they login, they can automatically join? 

If not, can we implement that in next version, basically I want to minimize the number of clicks required to join a group.. we all spend lot of money and effort to promote it, every click reduces the chance of joining by 50% so the idea is to make it easy for users to join in single click or as less clicks as possible. 


If I remember correctly, in groups there is a tab for the owner to send invites through an email.  When the owner of the group sends this email through this tab/page it is recorded in the database, and the member becomes a member of the group when he clicks the link to the group and hits join.  The only issue if I remember correctly is that you have to be a member of the site already.  Maybe phpfox will give more info on has been awhile.  But like I said, groups are different from pages in that the admin of the group can control who they let in or what they can post depending on permissions.  So that needs to be taken into consideration.  Also, I would like to know if it is still true that you can only send those invite to current members of the site or are you able to send a group invite to a non member of the site and what is the process like you said.  Can the link point to a page to sign in or register, and then redirect to the group automatically.  I think that would be very awesome.

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Yes John.. that would be really awesome if Phpfox can implement it 


Update:  I just did a test in regards to invite non-members of the site to a group.  At first, it didn't work when I tested it in my previous post.  What I remembered this time when I tested it out again is that you have to type the email on the group's invite page but remember to either put a comma after the email or hit carriage return/enter for it to accept the email.  If you just type the email in and send without a comma or carriage return/enter key then it says, the group updated but doesn't send the email.  That is very confusing and even I forgo, and I have been doing this for years.  Maybe that needs to be looked at.




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Thanks John