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PHPFOX 4.7.8 I can not reposition the profile photos. On phpfox demo site I can. What might be blocking this function?

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Dear Mindriot,

Sorry for the late response, I saw that you opened a ticket for this issue. Please reply to this ticket so we can check for you.


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Turns out it was my Firefox browser cache causing problems. Not a Phpfox issue..

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That browser cache has caused me to waste several hours of my time trying to fix issues that didn't exist.

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Waste several hours of your time huh? How about that I do not have this problem on any other script using same browser? How about that I said it worked on the phpfox demo site which should always be checked first? How about the group video module that still does not work? How about the years I have wasted on time spent on phpfox with no profit not even one dollar paid to me using phpfox? How about the endless phpfox fake profiles and spam that this script allows?

Still can't repostion profile photo that is already uploaded.

Here is how you troubleshoot. First ask if it works on the demo site. Then ask if the profile uploads and can be seen. The answers are yes. Then say take a look at your browser and the phpfox security settings. All of that takes 30 seconds.

Last update on November 28, 5:34 pm by Mindriot.
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I didn't mean to infer it was just phpfox as it has occurred many times while developing database-driven websites for my customers as well.

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