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I have a problem if I want to upgrade 4.7.9

I downloaded the new version and loaded via ftp on my server
Now I want to do the upgrade with
but no reaction it does not happen the page calls itself normal again
what can I do? when I turn on the debugger also comes no error message


Having the same issue. And the site went slower after copying over the files 


same here. upgrade process does not start... there is no upgrade file for 4.7.9

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aha then it's good I thought I had drunk too much alcohol and too stupid for it


Sorry to say but this is not the first time this has happened.  if I was a dev. I would upgrade the demo site first through the same process to make sure the upgrade process works.  Tesla's unbreakable truck glass window comes to


I've talked to them, they're working on getting that fixed 


it is always a good idea to test new versions local or on dev server. without a backup this list of changed files is very useful:


everything is not so tragic my site has been around for over 5 years and I have already experienced a lot :-)

I thought only that had crept in with me a wan, I was just wondering that the previous upgrade were without any problems could have been that I had a mistake somewhere


Just upgraded...everything went smooth. 

Wasn't trying to be negative, all I was saying is we're always told to do a backup before an upgrade which is common sense.  Well, they should try the upgrade process on the demo first since it is a real site with actual live data to make sure the process is common sense.

But sometimes I lack common sense as well.  When I went to upgrade it came to the part where it lists all your app and whether they are installed (it list other apps as well that is not installed).  The last column heading says "Upgrade".  I took it that it had an upgrade or was compatible with the new version.  I didn't uncheck the several apps because it said not installed.  Then I finished the upgrade and it installed them, so I had to go back and redo it all over again.  Pretty sad I forgot as I have installed/reinstalled hundreds of times over the past several years.  I will take 99% of the blame on that one, but 1% goes to PhpFox since the title heading should have said "Upgrade/Install" instead of "Upgrade".



Thanks for reaching out to us about the upgrade issue. We worked on this issue with high priority and I would like to inform that the issue already resolved!  

Thank you for the update from JohnJr also, please kindly contact us if you need any further support.

Please upgrade and enjoy 4.7.9 now!