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I have not spent too much time looking into it, but is it just me or are the page loads are noticeably slower after the 4.79 update?


I would trust your observation.  you seem to have unique ability finding bugs and issues over the past several years.  Appreciate you being here as I attempt to type with one finger :)


We all went through some rough patches with the new phpfox  team over the years, but not going anywhere. 

Last update on November 28, 10:45 pm by prepperz.

Same here man. First I thought it was server related but nothing was changed on the server before the upgrade. Right after the upgrade the site was very slow when reloading etc. 


OK. So it's not just me .. Anyone else noticing the same issue?

I guess I'll have to look into it when I have more time.

Last update on November 28, 5:34 pm by prepperz.
Paul Kellow

Hi all,

Thank you for your feedback. Our team is studying your report. Also, in order for us to help you more conveniently, please feel free to submit a ticket in our Client Area for help.



Phpfox found the issue and hot fixed it, but have not heard what caused it.


Phpfox found the issue and hot fixed it, but have not heard what caused it.

While we ponder the issues of feed, on wowonder, crea8social and everyone else, their feed is blasting atomic speed with no issues at all. I got my site running them and I really wanna run this but it's not happening.

Responsive Mobile is garbage. Their plugin system won't allow for more addons or slow site down to a crawl.

I don't know what to say.