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Whenever we try to use php 7.x , the site page goes white ! Presently we are using php 5.6. What could be the issue ? What is the major benefit of using php 7.x ?

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Paul Kellow

Hi Naresh,

PHP 7.x has numerous improvements, especially its performance is much faster in comparison with PHP 5.6. And, phpFox has been updated to work well on PHP 7.x. 

If you can access to AdminCP, you can try to disable all 3rd-party apps and check again first. If the blank issue still occurs then, you can submit a ticket in Client Area. We are willing to help take further investigation.


check for mysqli in your server.sett.php file


Kindly elaborate it a bit as I have very basic knowledge of server.


in server.sett.php check this line:

$_CONF['db']['driver'] = 'mysqli';

one of my old sites had this issue after updating to one of the latest phpFox versions. the site was installed on php 5.6 and the driver was 'mysql' instead of 'mysqli'. After adding the 'i' it worked perfect.


I checked. Its mysqli in the file. These must be something else.


you cancheck the log file or enable debug mode to check for errors:


Back up entire DB & customizations.


Import all Modules DB tables.

It worked for me.

I hope it works for you.

php 7+ has HUGE advantages. I noticed a huge speed gain using opcache , redis, and all the goodies php7 has.

note: this wont fox phpfox stupid issues though like slow speed, horrible app system and all related to phpfox.

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try to update your .htaccess to default


OK will try