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I changed it from unlimited to a megabyte number and the result description didn't match on the profile page so I raised it up to 200,000 megs and look what is say on the profile page below.  The code calculation seems to work (although you can check it again) but the description of bytes vs megabytes is wrong as it is not using a phrase to describe the results but instead filesize(filename) php function.


Dear JohnJr,

This issue has been fixed on v.4.7.9 already. Could you please upgrade your site on this version and check it?




I would always update to the newest version before posting a bug :)

here it again with 200,000 megs

here with 50 megs


Plus you can also check out when you have some time, why when a user reaches their max storage with the last image it says the photo is too large try a smaller one instead of saying with this current image they will exceed their maximum allowance for storage or something to indicate a storage issue.


Thank you for your information.  we will recheck and inform you.