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Automatic Feed Load stops after x 2.

No autoload in mobile responsive.

Fresh install.

So how do we fix this?


Dera Paris,

For this special issue, could you please open a ticket, please also include your server information so we can check?



Last update on December 4, 6:59 am by Hannah.

Ok thank you Hannah.

This responsive mobile LAG + disappearing blank mobile screen after a few hundred feed posts with no mobile mode auto load and dead autoloading after 2x on desktop mode is the very last thing that is KEEPING me from going live. It's like getting there but the doors locked on ya.

It would be a dream come true if this was remedy. I would launch January. My friends and I are all excited but man this feed issue is No Dice.

I put ticket up Hannah.

Please help me:(

I don't know what else to do about this since it's a core issue.


Turn off comments and reactions? Have a fast and No commenting feed?:cry::sob::joy:

Last update on December 4, 10:25 am by Paris.

Maybe yo guys should have commenting only LOAD when clicking comments button as to keep the feed Turbo. OnClick load "comment template" ect on exactly the post chosen for commenting?



Dear @Paris,

- Regarding "Automatic Feed Load stops after x 2." >>> There is a setting in backend so you can configure how many times auto-feed load. Please goto AdminCP >>> Settings >>Site settings >>> and change this setting [Numbers of pages for scrolling down].

- Regarding "No autoload in mobile responsive." >>>  I would like to confirm that the system is still loading even though you did not see load more button. Could you please change this setting [Numbers of pages for scrolling down] and check this feature again?