Map not loading with the latest version of PHPFOX 4.7.9 and I am getting the following error. Could some please tell me, if there is any fix.

"Uncaught ReferenceError: infoWindow is not defined"


Is this issue has been closed? or not coming. I tried installing in two servers and the problem is same. Do we have a fix or do we have to live with it?

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Dear vijay,

We guess that the configuration of Google API is not correct, or you did not enable Google map service. Could you please go to client area, open a ticket with your server information so our technical team can check?


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I get for development use only error and also when I click on search maps it only finds adress but won't show map. Does this mean that I have to pay Google? PHPFox should use a free map app.

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Dear Mindriot,

You just need to enable billing for your google project and do not pay for an extra fee if you use it in a usage limit. Google Map API is one of the API requested us to enable billing 

Please follow:


Last update on December 24, 2019 by Hannah.

Thanks all. HTTPS or SSL was causing the problem. Once the site is secured, Google Maps started working.