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I am being one of the oldest users of phpfox and supporter of product when it was just started. I waited the community and product to become mature and keep supporting developments.

I bought mobile apps from younetco last year which came with 3 builds each, both apple and android packs. It was not easuy for me to pay but somehow i managed to buy and finally when i was able to buy server to host the script I sent email for procedure for building app for my website they advice me to go for phpfox's package not theirs, Reason being they have decided to hardly develop apps and everything ends this december.  Pointed me to a webpage on their website which says this.


Now, If you planned to close this script in december last year why you sold this in november before this information, and why you didnt sent the information on that page to customers at all? If I received that in email or got to know i could have immidiately opened a paypal dispute regarding this. I paid for something I need to use not thst you can sell and decide to close development next month and give a logic that some other product is better and use that. Wow, very beautiful and professional.


Then I demanded my money back and they say they can not do this because they still can do the app for me which wont have any updates and support and EOL after 20 days, Big WOW, People spend , money time and emotions on products made by you, its not thats simple to just tell it was closed and announced on some webpage, and its our duty to guide you to buy the other very good product because we stopped production, why did you sell if you never want to keep on producttion? I feel so cheated and hurt.  


Am I here at fault? They sold me something which i arranged funds very tighly and saved a lot for long to get a yearly server on lease and now  I came to know they closed it in a month without any intimation, If there was any intimation they are closing down I could have disputed with paypal which was possible that time and is not anymore.  


I would never trust this company anymore.