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Your situation and mine are identical.

We have been ripped off.

I just dont know what to say. They deleted my APPS license, tickets and I'm basically "helpless" and now I gotta fight daily for phpfox aka younetco "same" company to fix their responsive mobile feed.

I spent everything on their deluxe for the mobile apps and was pointed to a stupid blog afterwards that ended the app. They have my money and want me to spend more on phpfox version which makes nosense to me because phpfox==younetco. No brainer. Not a 3rd party..

Makes no sense, con man. This is why I don't trust phpfox or younetco anyomore and I'm terribly disappointed but can't do much anything about it. I asked for refund and nopthing happened.

The only route. HAND them 1000+ More money AGAIN. This is the only route they give me since EVERYBODY knows responsive mobile is TRASHY on phpfox. It's fast on every other social network script, I feel like this is done to FORCE us to go APP "$$$$".

Right from my heart, raw truth of how I feel.

To add to insult, They sent me an e-mail trying to upgrade me to pro+ so I can show all my clients that i'm a poor sucker who has to borrow phpfox's demo for them to use.


Well yeah Paris.

I can see they have been playing same rip off with others too.

Get somebodys money and close it in a month with no intimation to people, and then when they ask show some random page on their website, like makeing a basic page is some certificate to rip off people without any business ethics.

Moreover playing so smart by offering same product in 4 times more money and suggesting to pay more, with the lamest logic I ever heard, "technology changed" so we ended it please buy frm phpfox. god damn, are we commmunicating with himans here? no way.


We can not do anything as there was no emails sent so paypal dispute cant be filed, and its overseas, only thing comes to my mind is to send a detailed report and physical letter to the local embassy of vietnam in our country and business ministry of their country with complete issue and payment receipts on how your people are spoiling your software industry name and doing such scams in name of business. I hope they maybe able to get some solution atleast. Please do this, I have written a letter for embassy already and ill find address of the ministry in vietnam to let them know how lame your people act over internet.

Please letme know if u want to do this, I can guide you about process.


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