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Hi Sushant,

We do care about what we can help your business and would like to go with you in the long-term. That's why we have been trying to explain, make everything clear at the beginning and give our recommendation for your best. In fact, our YNC mobile apps are still maintained to keep them compatible with the latest phpFox versions as well as iOS and Android versions even though we haven't sold our mobile apps for a year. Surely we are willing to go ahead to build your mobile apps if you still want to.

In the other way, we also offer credit in your client account balance that you can use to purchase our other products. You won't lose any penny. The offer will be kept valid so you can contact us whenever you want to get in future.


Dear Sir, 

I am afraid to say what you typed is only acting smart and thinking others as a moron, only because you showed a product and got the money, yes this is the actual situation, no matter how much you act, you need to realise this that your living is made on basis n clients, and you should learn real business tactics, I have never ever in life tried to cheat anybody or scam, thats why it hurts so much, I deserve something which I am denied to, for which i have paid. As simple as 1-2-3 to understand.


1. Your own official words "We (YouNetCo team) hardly decided not to continue selling our mobile apps but keep maintaining for bug fixes and OS compatibility until Dec 31, 2019. However, we will no longer plan to add more additional features or performance improvements to our mobile apps."  Now who will ever invest his time and money in a EOL app? Please reply this first question.


2. You offer me credit for other scripts.. Why shoudl i go for that when i havent bought that, i paid you for a functional copy of apps because you have been offering them for lon so i invested my trust and money for that. Its a plain jane task of smartness to offer something which i dont need, I dont even like mods and thmes offered by you at all, and more than this I am not even willing to look at anythng else than appa because my budget not allows me to. Please reply me this second question if i am wrong?


3. You write in your every email that you care, What do you care? You are clearly harassing your clients here, who put their trust in you. You dont deserve to do business. You clearly had to do either refund back or provide the latest working functional apps which you renamed to a 4 times higher price. Though after all my efforts to make you understand you failed, so please third question is am i wrong here that you only act smart and not giving a damn about your cleints who bring you bread and buitter. 


Please reply only these 3 questions if i am wrong. Its about being a fellow human. Just these three questions I asked.