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I want to publicly thank you for giving me credit on my account for the mobile app I purchased over a year ago, but never had you install it, because of my lack of ability to get my site to the point where I was ready for mobile as I purchased it product/mobile app during a sale.

I wrote you on 11/9/2019 (a month before this thread) asking if it was possible to get credit on my account and only credit because although I didn't have you install the product, I felt requesting my money back would be unfair to you.  No other software company that I know of, and in fact not many companies period would give a cash refund after 15-30 days so why should I expect any thing different here.  It was my fault for being so picky that I didn't get my site going enough to use the mobile app, it was no way at all your fault.  So again, I thank you for giving me full credit of my sale price toward future YouNetCo apps that you offered me immediately on your reply. 

I have been burned many times before buying no named products off of Amazon that break after a few months.  I have lost thousands of dollars on developers here who just closed up their shop here with no noticed at all. You did in fact give us a year noticed and I still goofed up.  I know it is a chance we take buying something from someone else, as for all that I know the previous developers that left went bankrupt, had health issues or something else besides just ripping me off.  Of course, they could have just ripped me off but who knows.  The only way to get a 100% guarantee these days is to build it yourself from scratch but that would cost 100x more so we take the chance and sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn't.

So in conclusion, although sometimes you have been slow on fixing bugs in your app, I have never got the impression that you didn't care...just didn't have enough people and time.  Just so you know, I am just as bad in regards to being slow on fixing stuff. I have not even updated the forum bug report on this forum for the past few updates which really is bad, and I hope to get back to it in the next few months.  Seems like time flies by way to fast to get everything done that we want to get done.

I consider you as well as all the developers here partners in my dream and I thank you all for at least giving me the opportunity/chance to build something that I could not afford building it myself from scratch as well as I am not smart enough to build most of this stuff :)