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in fact not many companies period would give a cash refund after 15-30 days

And not many companied sell and close a product in a month of selling, and show a route to 4x times costly product of their own.


I dont know how real is your writing but even a 6 year old can judge its a motivated and intentioned write, Yeah I know i am dealing with very immature people who still have no business ethics, Please learn software business from india, our people have been running every american bank software today only because they kept promises, the biggest company in india infosys still giving a service since 1990 to a bank which only contarcted for $7000/year and other banks pay 100 times more for that very system, its about commitment more than anything.

I dunno why you have to do such gimmics when its clear as water, You sold something and then rebranded product, never sent any information to customers, and now doing all this, provokes me a lot. You guys can never be successful until you realise how important honesty is in a business. Thats the point.