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I am sorry for your situation, but according to your first post

I bought mobile apps from younetco last year which came with 3 builds each

This indicates to me that you purchased this back in 2018.  Is that correct?  If so, then like me, you had this entire 2019 to have them install it, and you would have used the three builds within the year as most upgrades would probably cause issues with the mobile, although I don't know that for sure.  I do believe that as long as you didn't have them already install the app on your server that you should not lose your value of the product since you did not receive any value because it wasn't installed.  But that being stated, that doesn't mean you can request your money back after 15-30 days.  So you were saying

And not many companied sell and close a product in a month of selling

This is not true since they did give a year's notice, although I don't remember how but I knew I only had a year and I was grateful at that time to get the year.  Also, over the last year, they most likely did builds and updates for all the people who did have them install it over this past year.

In regards to myself, I have been in the computer industry for almost 30 years and worked for large companies and helped those companies purchased software in excess of $350,000.  So I have an excellent understanding of what is reasonable to expect from a software company.

I do agree that it was a better deal for the mobile app through YouNetCo compared to PhpFox.  But, I don't know what comes with either one, so I am hoping PhpFox Mobile is at least twice as better as YouNetCo when you look at the cost difference.  But what do I know?  I remember buying a new huge at that time a 300 meg hard drive for $300 dollars and now they give away 2000 meg USB drive on amazon for $3 dollars.

So I took the credit and I am very happy as many companies would not even do that.