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I apologize for not sending you a friend request as I just had shoulder surgery so I am off my game.  I have 90 PhpFox forum friends and have been using phpfox since January 23, 2011.  I have helped dozens of forum users with their sites and have spent hundreds of hours on individuals sites here, and have not asked or received any money here or any money from site owners.  I have not made any money from PhpFox or any of my phpfox sites.  I do this because I like the people here and I like the concept of the software as it gets better and better over time.  I am the one who created in the forum the third party products Issue section and just so you know when I started that YouNetCo had the most bugs/issues which I posted many of them with some fixes.  So even though thread showed issues with their products/apps they still allowed me to make the threads because it was the truth.  They understand that we are here to make this product better so we can succeed and then they will succeed as well.

Here is a link to YouNetCo bug report thread which I need to update mine on whether the bugs have been fixed.

Again, I am sorry for your situation and if you need any help please don't hesitate to ask.


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