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cache/prod creating alot of files that needs to deleted constantly, its taking over 10 to delete using Filezilla. Its using alot of file space on the server!


Have you looked at setting up Redis.  I really like it and the site seems a little faster as well.


Will it stop this when clearing cache? This has been runing for 30 minutes now deleting.

Status:          Deleting "/PF.Base/file/cache/prod/cs/b5d1_/Files/93/36/9336dd57a9c96eb5fe536f797cc1fc98.txt";



Sorry AWG, I don't know that.  But that seems very excessive and I have never seen that before.  Hopefully someone from phpfox will see this.

Last update on December 17, 5:47 pm by JohnJr.

Maybe you can create a cron job to run a script to delete the cache director on schedule.  The server will auto create a new folder when the folder is deleted. 


Welll after 4.7.9 is when these files started loading in and tieing up th server. So it may be a problem to fix instead of creating new crons. I never had this problem before, so if anyone tries to delete or clear cache, they should notice a large amount of files. It literally took like 30 minutes to delete it earlier to day, after being deleted a hour earlier. So i dont know about this!

Paul Kellow

Hi all, phpFox script will generate many cache files automatically and use them to improve performance. Those cache files will be periodically cleaned and regenerated by cron job. Thus, you don't need to remove those cache files manually.


AWG said 30 minutes plus to clean the cache?  That to me seems excessive...don't you think?


I need someone to duplicate the problem, its a simple file search that we should all have if your running 4.7.9


Was anyone able to duplicate this? It may not be from phpfox core if no one has this problem. But its constantly stacking up and causing the site to shut down when I run out of file space. These are issues that this community should address and check into in case its a phpfox core fix. Little things like this make phpfox really suck, because the result will be wait until next upgrade, or some lame excuse that very well may be a 3rd app. The purchased owners of the phpfox script cant be your biggest fan making constant reports that either invovling the core, or 3rd party app, you turn into a huge cash flow problem by having your own clients constantly be bothered with fix and problems that dont make any sense at all.  If your not going to step up your game up anything close to WORDPRESS, then this makes you guys scammers. I been here over ten years and I can never introduce this script to serious users. Its always a problem that you never see on facebook. Clients are spending thousands of dollars and with the release of the mobile app, its just a big old cash flow tunnel that never will end. Your price list is to high to take these chances with a script that constantly bombarded with problems, bugs, fixes and upgrades that is a constant repeated workflow. JohnJr you dont need to reply, you shouldve been went inside of ftp and simply seen if the problem can be duplicated.

Paul Kellow

Hi awg,

I believe that the cache files can't consume much disk and isn't the main cause to make your server disk full. Can you check and give us the disk usage of cache folder on your server?


Yes, in the intial post, i listed the area. It takes about 15 minutes to fill up, and takes over 30 miniutes to delete using filezilla: /PF.Base/file/cache/prod/cs/b5d1_/Files/93/36/9336dd57a9c96eb5fe536f797cc1fc98.txt