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1. What should be my robot.txt file. When I tested for mobile friendlyness it shows many issues .

My robot.txt
User-agent: *
Disallow: /PF.Base/
Disallow: /PF.Site/
Disallow: /PF.Src/

2. My mobile load speed test result is very bad ( its 26 only ). Is there any theme available which can improve the mobile speed and friendlyness ?

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Dear Naresh,

1. Could you please describe how did you test for mobile friendliness?

2. We already have a plan to implement for performance for Mobile website version. In this new version, we just load the data displaying on mobile only and do not load the data is hidden by CSS (Responsive). The technology that we apply is the latest Front-end technology (ReactJS for FE). Please wait for an update from us.


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