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I have a website called It's phpfox 4.7.7.

I need to edit the Privacy Page link on my REGISTRATION dropdown screen, how do I edit it? 

right now, when people click on the Privacy Page link on my REGISTRATION dropdown screen, it takes them back to the main screen and does not take them to the Privacy Policy page.

I guess it's a broken link, any suggestions?

thanks! rob

Last update on December 30, 8:56 pm by Rob Shahan.

Go and edit the page and put back that url that must have been remove...policy.  Sorry have to go...will be back later if there is still an issue.


However, in your case, you might have to put policy-6 as that is what your privacy policy page is named so if I remember correctly you put policy-6 in the URL Title field.


Perfect! Thank you John! I appreciate your help!!!