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Thanks JohnJr will try it tonight.

Ok, if you want a hack for the code which you would have to refix on any upgrades or stuff.  Always write down what you did and write down what the code was before your change and make a backup copy of the code indicating the original.



Line: 114

on line 113 the code checks to see if there is something in the redirect field in the admincp.  So first you want to put something in there even though you are not using what you put in that so I put the word test.

Then on line 114 you want to remove or comment out:$sReturn = Phpfox::getParam('user.redirect_after_login');

and replace it with this line $sReturn = Phpfox::getLib('phpfox.url')->makeUrl($aUser['user_name']);

Not held respondable for goofing up your site so if you don't know what your doing don't do it.  In this example I would make three files.

The first file would be the original file with no changes and I would rename the ending with _ORG


The second file would consist of the change or new code and would be used by phpfox


The third file would be a copy of the second file which has the new code but is a backup copy so after you do an upgrade and download the new file you old code will be erased so you can open this copy to help you see what you wrote down in your notes of what you did in the first place.  I would call this file: