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Are we able to change emoticons in the new Comment app? It says we can on the app info but apparently it is not possible? Also, for some reason, when I try to add new stickers, it just does not work, has anyone had this problem?





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Dear Aleksandar Radakovic,

Sorry for this confusion. phpFox has not supported to manage emotions in AdminCP. We update the feature list for this app on phpFox store.

Regarding stickers:  Make sure that you already enable these stickers on AdminCP. And the users need to add these tickers to their sticker list before using it. Please refer screenshot:


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Thank you Hannah for your reply. I suppose you're not planning to introduce the feature to manage emotions in the future? 

As for stickers, I'm not able to add them in admincp, I mean when I add sticker set and click save simply nothing happens. It doesn't add any sticker set. And on the front end, users are not able to add stickers. When you click Plus button, it opens up an empty popup window. 



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please check out this app:

you can manage emojis and stickers with this app. it is also possible to set specific items to premium.