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I just upgraded my phpfox version from 4.7.8 to 4.7.9. While checking if there are new bugs, I just found one in the music app. Before I upgraded to the new version, I uploaded a music album with 7 songs. After upgrading the photos I used are way too big and I see ugly smilies, see screenshots.

Any solution for this?



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Topics: music app, photos, size
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Dear snick3rs,

It looks like you did not clear cache and rebuild core theme. Could you please try and if the issue still happen, please open a support ticket so our team can help you verify this issue.



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Hello Hannah,

thanks for your reply. No, I won't open a ticket and pay $50 for a support plan with having zero members on my site. Maybe I should describe how I made the upgrade. First of all my setup:

Linux CentOS 7.6, Maria DB, PHP 7.3.13

The first upgrading routine yesterday has been leading to those big scaled emoticons and profile picture. I did everything that is explained here:

I followed the upgrade routine and rebuilt the core theme, which is actually a duplicated theme of Material-theme (Material_New). I know that there has been issues with cloned themes in the past, so why not in this case?

The second try to upgrade to 4.7.9 today failed again, while I didn't choose to upgrade the music app, only the other apps, like poll and events. When I opened my website, I just saw a white page with 2 phrases, see screenshot attached. So there must be a bug with the music app or somewhere else.


without_music_app_upgrade.png 102.88 Kb . 24 Views
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Also, I uploaded the whole .zip file and extracted it on the server and overwrote existing files.

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I have just been reading the reviews for the new comment app and see there... You have a new feature with stickers and emojis in the comment app. I was using the 2 thirdparty plugins from Scheinwelt Media (comment_img and comment_emojis). Now I uninstalled them and tried to upgrade again, but the error came back like I mentioned in my 2nd post (white page with 2 phrases).

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