We want to migrate our users from custom php to phpfox v4

In old custom site we have passwords, now to migrate them on phpfox v4 we need to convert there passwords to phpfox v4 passwords

can anyone tell me the formula phpfox v4 is using to convert normal text passwords to secure passwords?

We will use that formula to migrate our users to phpfox v4


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Dear Gaurav,

I would like to confirm that phpFox did not provide the formula to convert text PWD to a secure password. So when you migrate data from another site to phpfox, you can suggest your use using [Forget password] feature to get the new password.



but its not good. we havfge almost  5 lack members and how we can ask everyone to change passwords

any file must contain the password formula from normal text to php password

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I agree with Hannah, the safe way would require them to change their password manually.  How I would do it is assuming you are using the same domain name but now a different website.  You could find the phrase for the text on the sign-in page (like the word sign in) and add text to that phrase so they understand the why and what they have to do :)

So, for the import you want to fill in the rest of the info for the table phpfox_user so first I would make a user and create a really long password...at least 16 characters with some caps and numbers and a special character.  Then I would go to the phpfox_user table and copy the password and password_salt field data for that user and use that for all the users until the set up one on their own.  You want a difficult initial password because if someone figures it out they will have all of them.  But because each user that request a new password does not get to see what the current password is...this may work.  Good luck.