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How to add custom new css? i go in theme > edit > CSS and add but nowhere it show

i want to overwrite one css class


If you change the value of the css like 14 font to 16 font then it will overide phpfox original css if you put it in that file.  Sometime you need to put !mportant to make it stick if it doesn't.  If you want to remove something like border-bottom 10px you sometimes can put the word none if that options shows up when you use firefox inspector.

Always post it at the end of that file with some space between the original and yours.  Also, copy the new css and store in another file in case you need to reinstall you can just copy the chunk of CSS and paste it in the file again.

The only way to overide a CSS Class is to change it although you could grey it out in the original CSS file called bootstrap.css under your theme but that gets written over every time you rebuild core theme so they made the theme editor instead which does not write over your new CSS on rebuild core theme.