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Does anyone know if in order for contact form to work do I need SMTP or it relays on the site email sender?



No, as long as you have " Send Mail Method " set to mail then it should work.  The issue is quality of email as some might get called spam and never arrive in your email box so using a mail system will help.  But while testing your site it should work ok.


Have you tested the email system?  In the admincp where you see the SMTP stuff go to the bottom of the page and test out the email in the field called "Send a Test Email "


Hi JohnJr

Thanks for your reply.

Test email, confirmation mail or password recovery mail work just fine.

What I noticed is this: Contact form doesn't send email at all, neither the mails from notification( the one you should receive when someone send you a friend request and so on.

I used to have my own IP and I used the SMTP. But for few months now I am running the site on a shared server.

Since I moved the site I didn't check the contact form. And I went through few upgrades. Now I don't know what might be the issue.


Is there a name in the setting for contacts

Staff Emails

But that does not make sense for the notifications.  If you are using mail now instead of smtp then make sure to remove all the SMTP settings from before....maybe?


Thanks JohnJr

Clearing all the fields for SMTP sorted all the problem though the method was set up for mail.