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I want to create a block and add adsense and want to display everywhere on sidebar block 3

But its cming only on home page

how we can display a block sidewide in block3


I am having the same problem:

I would like to add a new block sitewide, but I cannot find any controller for "non-sitewide", it is simply not listed in the pages nor the component. Did PhpFox remove this in the current version?





It is in the link above near the beginning of the thread as that was the first issue :)


its working now when disbale sidewide ajax

the only issue left is the Ads block are coming on top but i want adsense block on top

My ads block id is 38 and adsense block id is 41 how to can shift my adsense block on top


If I understand correctly you should be able to arrange the blocks.  Look for the section called "To arrange the blocks" on the page below.