wehn i click on memmbers then only 12 members display  where we have 500 new memmvbers

i want to display 100 members when clickon members

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Hi sapgaurav,

The block that you mentioned is [Recently Active] member blocks - will be displayed 12 Recently Active members only. For your requirements. you may need to do custom work to create a new block for browse members page. Or you can find the third party app meet with your requirement in app store



YouNetCo team

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I would like to know why that was removed.  If I remember correctly there use to be page numbers on the bottom that said page 1 of something and you could browse the users.  What is the purpose of the heading saying browse users if you can't browse and you see the same 12 members unless someone else logs in to see an additional member? 

I just assumed browse worked and that it showed Recently Active (a block that should have settings like all others) on that main page but if you click on browse users you would go to the browse user page...but you don't.  You stay on the same page...what?  Why even have that link on that page if it doesn't work.  Something is not right and that is not how it use to be.  Also, if I remember correctly you had a choice of diplaying page numbers or view more.

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It looks like it is hardcoded in file PF.Base/module/user/include/service/featured/featured.class.php but I can't check or test it out at the moment as my server is being check on.

line: 83 getRecentActiveUsers()

line103: ->limit(12)