After playing around with this app for some time, I notice quite a few features are not working. Can anyone help? Waiting response from FoxExpert. The main thing I am needing is to get the app working properly. Some of the other things I want may be custom so I'm open to having that discussion. The link to the site is 


* News feeds are not updating. None of the feeds I have added have updated in days. (the settings is set to 1 day) The main concern is getting it to update. After that is fixed, I would really like it to update every hour.

* Lots of feeds do not display photos, however the same feed shows photos just fine on other sites like for example. Check and many other major news sources. All working on feedly but not on my site. It only brings through text. 

*Sub categories don't work. Once a sub category is assigned, it cannot be removed or changed. There is a bug. Even removing and re-adding the feed doesn't fix it.

* There should be sub-category management in admincp. There is no way to edit or remove sub categories.

* Users should be able to select sub-categories on site but they cannot (similar to YouNetCo's Fox Feeds)

* Change the layout of the "favorites" to look act exactly like "latest news" except only inlclude news from feeds the user has favorited. Currently it lists all the favorited feeds and only displays the top 5 stories from each.

* remove the "news feeds I'm following" section because it's redundant and unnecessary. This only works if you follow a keyword from a specific feed. In which case it puts the keyword under a different section and puts the feed here. Don't really see the point in this.

* Change the "following" of keywords to target ALL news feeds, rather than one specific news feed.

* Broadcast latest news to user feed if they are following it. If I user follows "cnn" for example, when the CNN feed updates, it should push that content to the users feed. I realize this may not be possible with the way phpfox works but I wanted to mention it anyway.




Last update on February 27, 2020 by Dennis Turskey.
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