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phpfox should include an option (whether per user or in admin cp) to display or hide items such as blogs, groups, pages, statistics on the user profile menu and group menus.


Reasons for this is that when people create pages, and groups, etc... They may not want to broadcast they own these items on their user profile. Page creators are often private (the advantage of having a page is so you can represent a brand, not a person). With the current setup, even if page owners are hidden in the pages module, people can still view what pages someone owns by visiting their profile. People may not want to broadcast all of their groups on their user profile. Some people don't want their statistics visible. This should be user choice. This option should be applied across the board to all apps.


I should also mention, that privacy settings do not prevent users from seeing pages you own. If a user makes his profile private by enabling "can view your profile > no one/friends" but everyone (community) can still see the pages that user owns. Huge privacy problem.



Also, it makes no sense to have forums inside of a group. This is redundant. If someone wants to post something, they just post on the group feed. 

Additionally, In some cases like mine, I am using the main forums app to display information only, however no other users are allowed to post or comment in forums. For this reason, I have disabled these actions per user group settings, and only allow my users to view the forum module. This causes a problem however because groups for example, have a "discussions" menu item, which is an internal group forum which no one can use due to their user group settings. Additionally, I've created a custom "block" at the top of the forums index and forums detail pages. This block now appears in the group forums index page. This is not correct. We need to be able to disable group items such as forums, marketplace, polls, etc...



Last update on February 28, 1:18 am by Dennis Turskey.

For those wondering, I found how to hide menu items on user profile. It's under user privacy settings > profile menu settings. I am not sure why this wasn't told to me when I submitted a support ticket. I was told there was no way to hide them, but there is. I haven't found anything like this for groups however.


The only problem with these settings is that they do not appear until a user has created some content so it is quite confusing. If a new user goes to these settings, they will be empty because they don't have any content. However, as they create content (pages, groups, photos, videos etc...) for each module, a setting will appear in this menu, allowing the user to restrict viewing to "community, friends, or no one".


I suggest changing this so these settings are ALWAYS visible, and not only after content is created. This is far too confusing.


Additionally, include at the user level or admincp level an option to disable/remove menu items/modules from groups and pages.


Hi Dennis Turskey,

Thank you for your suggestion. Your suggestion will be taken into consideration seriously in our future upgrades.

Thank you for your time and have a great day.