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Is there anyway to make the CKEditor appear for comments, it works fine in marketplace and other areas but I need it for comments and posts so users can create content for their own walls and to share.

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Hi Brendan,

We would like to confirm that we do not support for CKEditor on the comment. If you really want this feature, you can consider doing customization.You can contact third party developers for this help.




Is there a reason it is not supported? Just want to make sure there is a valid reason so I don't go ahead and do it and then find out later it's not such a good idea? Just seems like a good idea to get content on ones site and to get members interacting. Sometimes the simple things offer great results and I am hoping (for my site) this might be one of those.


Thanks heaps for your reply.


Hi Brendan,

We do not recommend to implement CKEditor on the comment and post status because there are a lot of unexpected issues may occur:

- We could not control the CSS on the CKEditor, there are some CSS classes that will be effected to your site and make your site broken.

- We may not keep the format that the user enters on CKEditor because some classes will be removed automatically by phpFox core.

So please consider if you want to implement this feature.




Thank you so much for that Hannah. That was what I was worried about. I do remember having issues way back with ver early phpfox versions so wondered if was still an issue.


Is there any other recomendation we could go with or is it best to stick to the way it is? Could it be implemented for new posts or is there a wysiwyg editor that could be. Its more for new posts rather than comments thi king about it.


Otherwise will have to stick to the default for now but is a feature that I think many sites could do with. Customization of content and profiles like was used on bebo and myspace are really what I want and there used to be some really good "mods" but I have not found any since the pre v3 days. Maybe Im just searching the store wrong :(