One would expect the titled offerings to be  part of the standard phpfox package that can be deployed independently without relying on the phpfox services.

The reason most of the original long term customers purchased phpfox is so that they could run everything independent of the phpfox services once the original software is purchased. Phpfox now continues to force their customers to be heavily reliant on the phpfox infrastructure instead of being able to run on their own and at some point customers will likely be looking for alternatives that are most likely open source or otherwise leave completely.

I cannot say that I am surprised given the historical direction of the new phpfox team, just very disappointed there could be so much deviation from what the original customers actually want.

Just my 2 cents and as an aside, I find myself spending less and less time contributing, whether it be forum posts or bug reports.  The original vision is lost and the love and excitement just isn't there anymore.

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The problem is most ol'timers don't buy into fake SaaS jive.  If you look at the direction that most companies are going is bringing back core services from the cloud inhouse, and setting up forests between them and SaaS providers.  Look at AWS, Azure, e.t.c

If I can not visit your physical office AND data-center hosting my production servers, I ain't buying.

Trust is earned, 

I still think phpFox is a steal for $1600 bucks, you can't match the feature list with a SaaS platform and moreover SaaS platform would cost even more. I'm happy that they are still offering these features for a one-time price, while the rest of the world is moving in the subscription model. 
I checked the cost for developing a mobile app, wow it just blew my brains off plus adding chat feature would have blown the roof over my head too. I was interested in adding cometchat to phpFox but as I said, the price for customization is crazy and moreover I have to also pay monthly or yearly cost associated with cometchat. I guess the new chat solution will be easier, one-time payment and it's done. 


SaaS is a joke and the reason I switched back to this platform from the other(direction they were heading until recently)

SaaS is a joke and the reason I switched back to this platform from the other(direction they were heading until recently)

For me it started when phpfox announced working on on the mobile app and everyone waited patiently for a long time and when it was finally released existing customers would have to upgrade to a new level to make use of it. If that was their intention from the beginning than it wouldn't have been that big of a deal, but instead the carrot was dangled in fron't of everyone and it was clear that phpfox has chosen their path as SaaS and that was when they lost me as a loyal supporter which is a reason why I rarely post or contribute any bug findings anymore. 

If they get back to the original vision I'm sure many of the old once loyal customers may come back, but you know the saying, once you've burned the bridge, it's very difficult to cross back.

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Has anyone purchased and successfully used the Chat Plus feature?

Everything works except for the audio and video calling on mobile devices. You get a notification that you can accept or reject, but when you click to accept, the dialog box removes, and nothing happens.

The calls and audio calls are not connecting mobile to mobile. Did anyone use this with success?

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