Is there any plan to enhance the current CKEditor since the current one is really not fit for blogs?

I mean, at the moment, you're not able to resize pictures by simply extending them by mouse and you're not able to manipulate the image so you can fit the text next to it. You are not even able to center the image as that allignement is missing (there is only left and right). It should look like this:

There is no "insert media embed", youtube plugin, etc. If you want to use justify text, you have to activate full package with 100 things that people don't need. I guess phpfox uses CKEditor for documents and not article or inline editors which are of course more suited for online content, blog or any other. 

See here https://ckeditor.com/ckeditor-4/demo/#article 

CKEditor even allows you to build your own editor https://ckeditor.com/cke4/builder

Is there any prospect that phpfox will improve the user-experience with respect to textual content and writing? Or is anyone able to develop an app that will look like a respectable content editor? 


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You can add stuff by adding the correct folders for each item you want with their corresponding code.  It has been a while but I was able to add several new and removed other things as well.  Here is a thread of me adding YouTube which should give a starting point of adding other stuff.


Thanks John! So, it looks like you can customise your edit options. Do you think it's possible to do something with being able to centre the image (allign) or have the option to resize image via mouse, or have the text sit next to the image, like on the screenshot above that I've put? Thanks!!


I am guessing if those options are part of CKEditor 4 than I don't see why not.


Let me know if you get it to work...

Last update on April 7, 2020 by JohnJr.
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Does anyone know how to get an editor used in Quora? When you start typing on Quora, UX is amazing, it grabs the images/videos in the URL, hyperlinks the text URLs.. Any thoughts? 

Last update on May 5, 2020 by srny.
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Is there no interest to develop a respectable text editor for phpfox?

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