Does anyone know where are all the email stored? I mean the one that are going to be processed to be sent?

I had the site running without a smtp.

Somehow the site didn't send some emails while it was set up with normal routine (maybe my shared server didn't allow sending them).

Now I have a problem: SMTP is set up. Cron job wasn't set up right.

After I corrected the settings on Cron Job the site is sending hundreds of emails in bulk.I got a lot of  failure delivery messages because the site is sending emails for example to someone who tried to register long ago but couldn't because he didn't receive the registration email. Or the sistem is sending emails with notifications for a like or comment that was done months ago on the site when the email sending wasn't working. 

It looks like all the emails are saved somewhere and I'll like to check if is anymore there.

Any idea?

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Hi Liviu, to prevent sending old emails in queue, you can go to the database and go to table cron_job and delete the data related to email.


Thank you Hannah