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Finally got around to installing the phpFox Instant Messaging app. If I click on the messages icon in the menu bar, the Instant Messaging modal popup is invoked. Good. However, no content (Friends etc.) loads ... just a spinning wheel. Does work if click on icon to load in new tab. In the case of the former, I see the following error in the console:

TypeError: _this.currentUserDocRef is null (related to autoload-4710.js)

In the phpFox main.log file, I see:

# stream loggererror
2020-05-02 18:56:27
Error Code: 5ba675
Error: Cannot use object of type Closure as array in /home/hoodpals/public_html/PF.Base/include/library/phpfox/phpfox/phpfox.class.php:1871
Stack trace:
#0 /home/hoodpals/public_html/PF.Base/start.php(631): Phpfox::run()
#1 /home/hoodpals/public_html/index.php(5): require('/home/hoodpals/...')
#2 {main}

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Paul Kellow

Hi Daniel,

I think that there is something wrong in IM config with Firebase. The following article can help you:

You should check carefully to make sure all steps are done properly.


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I did follow all steps properly. There was one extra line for Firebase Config Object:

measurementId: "G-J06TN4KBZL"

Other than that, did exactly as specified. Like I said, IM works perfectly but only when opened in new tab. So, I was thinking there is a conflict when IM opened in modal on same page.

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Paul Kellow

Hi Daniel,

You can try to open the browser console to check if there are any errors in browser console or not. Maybe  more than 1 active app load Firebase objects and cause conflict.

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Hi Paul:

Only console error I see is the following: TypeError: _this.currentUserDocRef is null

Relates to : /PF.Base/file/static/autoload-4710.js?v=fc169eb1fa6e4fcfdd476cffe2d6126a

Not aware of any other apps loading Firebase objects: none I created.

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