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Couldn't you do a work around?  Like a group subscription for Marketing, Realtor or Investing.  Then when the buy the subscription they move up to that group for membership.  Either buy a group add-on to add a label for the membership name of the group or add some code to add that group name next to the person names on their profile page (I could help with that if that is the route you take). 

So when you get notified of the payment, send an invite to a private group that you already set up previously for the Marketing Group Page, Realtor Group Page or Investing Group Page.  Set this groups as private which is an invite only by the admin of the group.  You now have pretty much everything a regular site has, blog, picture, video, events and forum which no one can see unless they paid for the subscription.  If the person resubscribes then you have to change nothing.  If the person does not set the subscription up so that person changes to a new group membership (that you can use for all the categories) that does not allow to see groups which will stop them from going to any group pages.  This all came from the top of my head so I am hoping this work around works :)

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