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I notice that as a member here I can edit my own account details... however for some reason members don't seem to be able to edit their own account details on my website.

Am I missing a toggle switch somewhere or is feature an addon...


Thank you



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Which specific setting are you talking about?  There are setting for edit DOB, email, username, full name, password, etc. in the AdminCP under  Members >  User Group Settings > User

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Members can't go in and change their location is the first one that comes to mind..  They either set it right when they sign up or they have to write to Admin to make a correction.

If Admin adds a custom field.. do they get access to it to edit it?    I haven't checked that.

In any software application users should be able to edit all of their information that is in their account file other than perhaps an numerical acct number that is hardcoded into the database.


I don't know.. I'm having so many difficulties lately with this software and the paid addons that I guess maybe I expect too much from a $539US package..  which by the way in Canadian funds is almost $800  Thank heavens I bought these licenses way back when they were $300US and the exchange rate was only 10%


Sorry to gripe folks.. but..


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After a custom field is made you need to add that custom field block to the page and then they can edit that field.  I think your right on the location issue.  It is very surprising after all these years no mentioned that.  Guess you could just used custom field for their location so they can change it at any time which is probably what phpfox admins did over the years.

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Hi TorontoGuy,

We would like to confirm that phpFox support user can change their location as well as custom fields on the user profile. Could you please open check and open a support ticket so our team can help you if needed. We are the support team to help you.




Well, that makes I went to account settings instead of edit profile.  Now I understand why no one has asked this before because the user can update their location under edit profile.

Thanks Hannah!

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