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I have requested a refund for the adanced photos addon because it doesn't work.   

I tried to work with Ivan on the Dating app which never worked properly and while he was certainly helpful I never did get the app working because I didn't want to give him access to my website.

I'm sorry but when someone creates an addon there should be no reason why they have to meander through your application in order to make it work properly.

i am really quite fed up with these products and will not be purchasing any more of any significance....  Maybe the odd simple box or something but definitely not a full, supposedly integrated application.




100% agree...there are a few who actually get annoyed when pointing issues with their product. The only thing I will point out is that if it something not in their description or it is something you want then that would require you to add it or pay someone to add it.  But, I have had apps that didn't do the basic stuff.  Perfect example is there was a store app out there that did the sales tax rate in whole numbers.  Tried to explain that Wisconsin charges 5.5% not 5% or 6%.  I don't know if they ever fixed it but I didn't use the app after that because I don't want to go to jail for charging the incorrect sales tax :)

Last update on May 25, 6:58 pm by JohnJr.

100% agree... I have been trying to contact them for weeks, but they do not respond to inquiries.