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As you know every post, whether it is a picture, forum, or just post has your profile picture and name next to it.  To make it even want the person to find the group but not be able to see any of the actual posts.  Are you trying to hurt my brain on purpose?  First I am very confused about what they would actually see, but the only hack I could see is you have a private group that has all the names, images, and juicy details called "Men on a diet".  This group is private and invite-only membership and can not be found through a search.  Then create another group with the same admin called "Men on a diet (non-member view).  This would be public for search and the group admin can paste what he feels the public needs to see to understand what the group is about.  Then you could put a widget and say if you feel like joining this group go to the forum in this group and look for the thread "join us today".  Once the person goes to the forum and either get the information necessary or says in the forum they want to get an invite (which I think an admin of the group can delete a post in a group forum) or they can click on the group info and click on the founder link to send a private message.  Now that they have paid or whatever is needed to be done to join, the admin could send an invite to that person for the private group with all the juicy information including who belongs.  This is just off the top of my head...might have to be adjusted somewhat :)

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