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Can we add a subscription plan until specific date?

@vava - In phpFox, a subscription plan is monthly based, hence you cannot run it to a specific date but you can cancel it any day however, you will be charged for that month. 



when a cource is started, its exam date also set on a specific date.  members can subscribe to that course as students.  After exam, they all moved to registered members.  Then, if another course is started, they can subscribe to that course until its exam. so on.

When we start a course, we'll create a new subscription plan with the exam date as expiry for the plan.

Also, is it possible to have separate plans for page categories?  so if someone want to subscribe to a course (page under a category), only subscribe to the plan available for them?


This may help if the courses run the same amount of days like 53 days...or maybe it will give you some ideas :)  Pretty sure you could not restrict it to a certain page or category but you could have many subscriptions that you can turn on or off depending on the classes offered at that time.  Like 53 days for a Math course and 93 days for an English course...maybe :)