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Good Morning,

I have 4.7.10 installed

captcha app is on, recaptcha type is V3

I am getting an error that the reCaptcha routine is failing. I have the keys from google in the settings. 

Any ideas?



Maybe this will help.  The top one says to check whether your key is v2 or v3.


No, double checked the keys and they are for V3. Tested again and got the same results. Turned the captcha app back off.


Double check these two settings in your admincp.

Captcha Type should be set to reCaptcha (default setting is default)

reCAPTCHA Type should be set to reCaptcha v3 (default setting is reCAPTCHA v2)


Yes, that is what I have.


In cases where we’ve seen this happen when reCAPTCHA keys are correct, the issue is due to adding the http:// or https:// to your domain in Google’s reCAPTCHA account, like this example. In this case, removing the http:// or https:// might resolve the issue.


Hopefully, phpfox will step in here and help :)

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Just checkjed in Google Accounts and don't have https:// or http:// in front of the domain. Just

Thanks :)