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As many here know...I have done a lot of hacks on my site so I don't know if it is just my site.  I did check the demo site and it works, but that site is not set up as a friends-only community site.

I have set up under account settings under the privacy tab a member's profile that allows "no one" on all privacy settings for their profile.  I then logged in as one of his friends (not an admin account) and went to his profile and could see everything including is friends.

  • Also changed Friends Only Profile to yes and no.
  • They can control privacy settings on their own profile.
  • User default Privacy setting on Registration is Friends Only
  • Can override a user's privacy setting is set to no for all except the admin.

Not sure if I am missing a setting that overrides a user's own privacy settings somewhere else or it is a bug for a friends-only community.  I am hoping it not due to one of my hacks :)

So if someone could check their site if they have a friends-only community I would appreciate it....thanks



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Ok, I turned off friends only community and it still didn't work.  I checked the database under user_privacy and friend.view_friend does change from 4 to 2.  I also change it to 0, 1, 2, and 3 and it did nothing.  I found the code where it asks the if question.


if (!Phpfox::getService('user.privacy')->hasAccess($aUser['user_id'], 'friend.view_friend'))

I know when you change the privacy setting to view friend list to no one is set the table value for friend.view_friend to 2, so I don't understand why this if statement is not working.


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