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Today I wanted to add images to my subscription packages but everytime I try, I get a grey notification saying "Please select an item in the list".  I can't update ANY info or images on subscription packages that have had members at some point (even if there are no current members, or all the members have canceled or upgraded to a different package).

Certain areas like recurring price are completely disabled for editing. Why? It makes no sense, especially in the following situations that are very likely to occur:

  • If I had a package only available to the US, and wanted to finally open my site to the UK to reach a new audience, there would be no way for me to add the pricing for the Pound or Euro!
  • What if there was a mistake when you first created it? Like entering $50.0 instead of $5.00. You won't be able to correct it!
  • What if you needed to update the pricing for multiple currencies to match the current exchange rate? You can't. You would have to lose money!
  • If I wanted to add a new subscription package and discount the previous one, it can't be updated!

None of the sliders can be edited, you can't change the usergroup on success or failure, you can't add custom images, you can't edit ANYTHING if the package had a user subscribed at some point in the past. Are we supposed to make NEW packages each time we encounter any of the above situations, and move users who have already subscribed to the new package risking them canceling or having the subscription break?

I know that part of this is just an error based on a broken feature of locking certain functionality if the package has at least one subscriber. My question is, how do we disable this feature completely? It's not helpful at all, even if it was working. I don't want to have to remove users from my database just to get my subscription packages to be editable.

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I just tried to change an image and you are correct.  I guess the option should be edit only if there is no one has subscribed :)

Last update on June 12, 2:12 pm by JohnJr.

Yeah, it just doesn't make sense if you are trying update an existing package with new pricing, or fix errors. What if the image you used had an error, and you wanted to add a new one? RIght now the Pound is stronger than the Dollar. That hasn't always been the case, so what if you need to update that?

Also, sorry for double-posting. I can't figure a way to delete my comment on the other thread.

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We would like to confirm that you could not change the recurring prices, user group on success or failure, Number of days to notify user and Recurring Period if there is any user subscribed for this package.

The other information such as *Title , Description ,image, background color, and the first price whenever you want. 

In case you enter the wrong price or need to add a new price for multiple currencies, you can create a new package and disable the current one. Could you share with us the issue that you get if you create a new package?



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Thank you for the reply. My intent is not to have to create a new package, but rather just edit the existing one. This way I won't have to migrate existing users and their subscriptions to a new package. I think if it is to be disabled, place warning text to let the admin know that info will be locked (so they will be more likely to double-check everything) and place a button that would enable editing if the admin is willing to accept the responsibility. Editing an existing package would be a lot easier than re-creating it and testing it all over again, then moving users to the new one. re-creating it would still the same amount of responsibility, but with more work.

As for the other items you mentioned " The other information such as *Title , Description ,image, background color, and the first price" They SHOULD be editable. They are not greyed out like the other items, however as I have said and John has confirmed on his install as well: Everytime I try to edit an image (or anything else), I get a grey notification saying "Please select an item in the list".  I can't update ANY info or images on subscription packages. Even the info that isn't locked and should be editable. 

To reproduce the issue, try editing any info in a subscription package that has had a least one member, When you try to submit the changes, it will show a popup alert saying "Please select an item in the list". The list it appears to be highlighting is the "Usergroup on success" list, however none of the usergroups are selectable.

The functionality appears to be broken.

I appreciate the intent, but it just isn't important or needed enough to warrant a feature that is currently broken anyway.

Thank you for your time

Last update on June 12, 4:44 am by Nativedragon11.
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Also, there is a different problem with the Subscription app as a side note:
If you choose a color for a subscription it doesn't appear to display ANYWHERE on the front-end. Not in the Subscription page. Not in the Comparison page. I thought it was just my theme, but when I switch back to the default themes (Material or Bootstrap), I still don't see where they display.

Please understand, I am extremely grateful for all your help and hard work. I don't intend to appear upset or angry. I have been working for a long time to get my site the way I wanted it, and this was one of the last steps before launch. When it didn't work, and I couldn't find any info to explain why, I just became a bit frustrated. But I am truly very appreciative of such a great product. I will deal with these speedbumps as they come. It's the nature of what we do and I don't want to spread negativity where it isn't needed. :smile:



Last update on June 12, 5:03 am by Nativedragon11.
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Nativedragon11 is correct on the image part as that is the only thing I have checked.  I have a question for either one of you who might know.

Are you able to migrate all users from one subscription to another?  If so, do they receive an email of the change?

I also noticed that if someone starts to subscribe and gets to the paypal/points screen and they cancel (I was testing it the other day way Nativedragon11 issue came up) and I must have done it three times because when I finally setup my sandbox paypal account and processed one I went to the subscripton screen as the user and it showed four subscription (with only one completed).  Seems like that might confuse people.  There might be a reason why you would show that and if so I would like to know..Thanks :)

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Why do you need to migrate all users from one subscription to another? We would like to confirm that the current users still use the subscription that they purchased and upgrade to the new one (when the old subscription is expired)

By the way, you can disable the old subscription so that new members could not purchase the old one.

@Nativedragon11: The color of the packages will be used on the Comparision page. Please refer our screenshot

Best regards,


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Hello Hannah,

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the response.

To answer your question; we would have to migrate them manually because otherwise if there were an error, we would have to wait a month for the users' subscription to expire and move them to a new one automatically (since a month is the minimum time a subscription can be set to recur). It would be easier to be allowed to edit it once and be done in seconds, instead of having to move them manually which would take several minutes (and be tedious), or wait a month for the subscription to expire. Also as I have mentioned before, we can't edit the current subscription to change the usergroup on failure anyway because the app is broken. If there was any subscription for a package, you can't edit ANY info for that package because it shows a grey box that says "Please select an item in the list". (please see attached screenshot)

Also, the color of the packages does not display in the Bootstrap theme, which is the theme that I am using. So it is odd to have the package names and "Plans Comparison" title displayed twice for no reason. I even rebuilt the current theme from the admin panel and it still doesn't display. (please see attached screenshot)



These are minor issues that I have already created my own workarounds for, I was just hoping to bring it to your attention and see if anyone else had solutions before I started messing with it. Thank you again for your reply, and all the hard work put into this product!

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Hi Nativedragon11,

In this case, I think you should do customization if you want to open this option. There are many risks so we could not support on phpFox core. By the way, I will add your suggestion to our suggestion list, it will be considered carefully in our future upgrade.

Regarding the issue of the color of the packages does not display in the Bootstrap theme: We will check and fix it in our next release.

Best regards,


Thank you Hannah!

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