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Today I wanted to add images to my subscription packages but everytime I try, I get a grey notification saying "Please select an item in the list".  I can't update ANY info or images on subscription packages that have had members at some point (even if there are no current members, or all the members have canceled or upgraded to a different package).

Certain areas like recurring price are completely disabled for editing. Why? It makes no sense, especially in the following situations that are very likely to occur:

  • If I had a package only available to the US, and wanted to finally open my site to the UK to reach a new audience, there would be no way for me to add the pricing for the Pound or Euro!
  • What if there was a mistake when you first created it? Like entering $50.0 instead of $5.00. You won't be able to correct it!
  • What if you needed to update the pricing for multiple currencies to match the current exchange rate? You can't. You would have to lose money!
  • If I wanted to add a new subscription package and discount the previous one, it can't be updated!

None of the sliders can be edited, you can't change the usergroup on success or failure, you can't add custom images, you can't edit ANYTHING if the package had a user subscribed at some point in the past. Are we supposed to make NEW packages each time we encounter any of the above situations, and move users who have already subscribed to the new package risking them canceling or having the subscription break?

I know that part of this is just an error based on a broken feature of locking certain functionality if the package has at least one subscriber. My question is, how do we disable this feature completely? It's not helpful at all, even if it was working. I don't want to have to remove users from my database just to get my subscription packages to be editable.

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