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Thank you for the reply. My intent is not to have to create a new package, but rather just edit the existing one. This way I won't have to migrate existing users and their subscriptions to a new package. I think if it is to be disabled, place warning text to let the admin know that info will be locked (so they will be more likely to double-check everything) and place a button that would enable editing if the admin is willing to accept the responsibility. Editing an existing package would be a lot easier than re-creating it and testing it all over again, then moving users to the new one. re-creating it would still the same amount of responsibility, but with more work.

As for the other items you mentioned " The other information such as *Title , Description ,image, background color, and the first price" They SHOULD be editable. They are not greyed out like the other items, however as I have said and John has confirmed on his install as well: Everytime I try to edit an image (or anything else), I get a grey notification saying "Please select an item in the list".  I can't update ANY info or images on subscription packages. Even the info that isn't locked and should be editable. 

To reproduce the issue, try editing any info in a subscription package that has had a least one member, When you try to submit the changes, it will show a popup alert saying "Please select an item in the list". The list it appears to be highlighting is the "Usergroup on success" list, however none of the usergroups are selectable.

The functionality appears to be broken.

I appreciate the intent, but it just isn't important or needed enough to warrant a feature that is currently broken anyway.

Thank you for your time

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