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Also, there is a different problem with the Subscription app as a side note:
If you choose a color for a subscription it doesn't appear to display ANYWHERE on the front-end. Not in the Subscription page. Not in the Comparison page. I thought it was just my theme, but when I switch back to the default themes (Material or Bootstrap), I still don't see where they display.

Please understand, I am extremely grateful for all your help and hard work. I don't intend to appear upset or angry. I have been working for a long time to get my site the way I wanted it, and this was one of the last steps before launch. When it didn't work, and I couldn't find any info to explain why, I just became a bit frustrated. But I am truly very appreciative of such a great product. I will deal with these speedbumps as they come. It's the nature of what we do and I don't want to spread negativity where it isn't needed. :smile:



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