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Hello Hannah,

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the response.

To answer your question; we would have to migrate them manually because otherwise if there were an error, we would have to wait a month for the users' subscription to expire and move them to a new one automatically (since a month is the minimum time a subscription can be set to recur). It would be easier to be allowed to edit it once and be done in seconds, instead of having to move them manually which would take several minutes (and be tedious), or wait a month for the subscription to expire. Also as I have mentioned before, we can't edit the current subscription to change the usergroup on failure anyway because the app is broken. If there was any subscription for a package, you can't edit ANY info for that package because it shows a grey box that says "Please select an item in the list". (please see attached screenshot)

Also, the color of the packages does not display in the Bootstrap theme, which is the theme that I am using. So it is odd to have the package names and "Plans Comparison" title displayed twice for no reason. I even rebuilt the current theme from the admin panel and it still doesn't display. (please see attached screenshot)



These are minor issues that I have already created my own workarounds for, I was just hoping to bring it to your attention and see if anyone else had solutions before I started messing with it. Thank you again for your reply, and all the hard work put into this product!

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